Oliver Plamadyala

Foundation Diploma in Art, Design & Media Practice - Farnham


Email - ollieplamadyala

Title : Elysiums Holic

My theme’s origin was inspired by the obsessions heaven has. More specifically ‘Greek heaven’. Throughout Grecian mythology we’re able to see how the gods’ obsession with beauty translates through grief and suffering. Inspired by these myths, I responded to them by creating 2 garments highlighting mortals/ sirens’ beauty that captivated man.

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Oliver Plamadyala | Fashion 5
Elysium’s Holic final outcome:
Oliver Plamadyala | Fashion 4
Illustrations inspired by ‘Odysseys and the sirens’
Oliver Plamadyala | Fashion 3
Illustrations inspired by ‘Narcissus and Echo’
Oliver Plamadyala | Fashion 2
Illustrations inspired by ‘Apollo and Hyacinthus’
Oliver Plamadyala | Fashion 1
A sirens transformation
Oliver Plamadyala | Fashion

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