Oliver Pratt

BA (Hons) Illustration & Animation - Canterbury


My project is a short film account of my time in 2020 where I was sent to the Intensive Care Ward in St. Thomas’s hospital after getting Covid-19 which triggered a reaction where my body’s immune system started attacking itself causing heart muscle damage –  an ailment also known as Multi-system Inflammatory Syndrome Secondary to SARS COVID-19. The film uses my own recollection of events, culminating in the first time I was allowed to visit outside the ward.

The story follows the feelings of disparity, confusion and unease as it goes through some of the events and delusions I witnessed while on the brink of death. Also touching upon ideas of powerlessness due to waking delusional hooked-up and tied-down to a myriad of different machines, and expressing the weird feeling of being brought to the brink despite being a healthy 21-year-old with no previous medical conditions.

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Oliver Pratt | Illustration 1
Title Card (Example)
Oliver Pratt | Illustration
Intensive Short Film
Oliver Pratt | Illustration 6
Rash/Sink Scene
Oliver Pratt | Illustration 5
Questioning Death Scene
Oliver Pratt | Illustration 4
First time outside / Ending Scene
Oliver Pratt | Illustration 3
Oliver Pratt | Illustration 2