Olivia Britz

BA (Hons) Graphic Design - Epsom



[email protected]


This is an interactive installation about AI being used in surveillance and CCTV around the world. The CCTV camera record people and then the AI maps lines around everyone to feel like they are being mapped out and recorded.

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Olivia Britz | Graphic Design 4
You are being recorded
Olivia Britz | Graphic Design 3
A book about sexual violence and support for victims
Olivia Britz | Graphic Design 2
Poster series of a circle that has been coded from sounds taken once every hour for twenty four hours
Olivia Britz | Graphic Design 1
The Lazy Loafer guide was created to get you lazy! Maybe its not such a bad thing and maybe it can help you get more creative!
Olivia Britz | Graphic Design
The Brick Lane alphabet was created from typefaces found in Brick Lane.

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