Owen Eastman

BA (Hons) Computer Games Arts


‘Lambent City, a bustling metropolis, is on the brink of chaos. Unrest and corruption plague the streets, with sinister plots in motion. Follow each character’s story in which paths converge, motives are revealed, and conspiracies are uncovered as you strive to save Lambent City, and rise a Paragon’

The content of my Final Major Project is a collection of concept artworks that would be used as an art bible for a fictional anime-styled fighting game set in a Neo-City world, titled ‘PROJECT_PARAGON’.

The purpose of ‘PROJECT_PARAGON’ was to provide a narrowed down view on character design, aiming to explore the different design aspects involved in developing strong character concepts. These span from the characters themselves to the weapons they use, how these characters work in motion and how they might play in the contextual world.

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Owen Eastman | Games 1
Owen Eastman | Games 1
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Art Design Document
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Environment Example
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Scene Example
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Expression Example
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Character Sheet Example
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Figure Sketch Example