Patricia Small

MA Ceramics


Re-Interpreting Microscopic Forms in Nature 

Pat Small graduating this year at UCA Farnham with a Masters in Ceramics.

Exploring and probing among the prolific number of patterns of seeds and pollen, revealed that most are formed of repetition and symmetry.

This work is the re-examination of seeds and pollen through the amplification of the microscopic natural world, using the visual language of porcelain and colour. It aims to distort and elucidate pre-conceived notions of this infinitesimal world; a metaphorical portal into the world of these minuscule forms. Highlighting the unseen, the before and the secret world of plants. 

Instagram: patsmall.ceramics

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Patricia Small | Crafts
'Rhubarb & Custard Medusa' Porcelain
Patricia Small | Crafts 5
'Blushing Seed Head' Wall Sculpture, Hand Built, Porcelain
Patricia Small | Crafts 4
'Blue/Green/Yellow Seed Head' Wall Sculpture, Hand Built Porcelain
Patricia Small | Crafts 3
'Dolly Mixture' Wall Sculpture, Hand Built Porcelain
Patricia Small | Crafts 2
'Blue Pollen' Wall Sculpture, Cast Porcelain
Patricia Small | Crafts 1
'Medusa' Hand Built, Porcelain