Paulina Tobola

BA (Hons) Illustration & Animation - Canterbury


The environment around me inspires my creative thinking, nature helps me take a step back and take a closer look. I come across new textures and ideas all the time and have gathered quite the collection of them. I then use them in my practice in different ways, like layering my photographs with drawings, paintings or prints to create something new with my art.

Taking risks and challenging myself, in both Uni projects and personal ones, helps me grow creatively. In my Final Major Project, I challenged myself by physically layering each process and technique, without the use of digital programs that I would normally use. This publication combines my interests of nature and art. It is a piece of work that documents my personal experience with nature, as well as, my journey of learning about the importance of healthy soil. The subject of environment, is something I have explored many times throughout my work. I enjoy continuously deepening my knowledge about our world and expressing it through art. The importance of soil, is not an environmental topic that I have had much exposure to. This is the reason I decided to base my Final Major Project around it. I felt inspired to learn about a new angle of the environmental topic, that is so important in the world today.

“In every handful of soil, there are more organisms than the number of people in the world”

This quote really stuck with me when watching a documentary called, ‘The need to grow’. It became a turning point in my project, as it gave me a chance to create something meaningful for myself and my audience.

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