Pei-Jie Shih

MA Fine Art - Farnham


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Shark fin soup is a classic dish in Asian culture. There is a saying that there is no feast without wings. This dish is a must at the dinner table on the big day. However, as environmental awareness increased, people came to their senses and found that fewer and fewer sharks are endangered, and the reason for their extinction is overfishing. What is the relationship between humans and sharks? This topic will be discussed in this project.

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Pei-Jie Shih | Fine Art
Pei-Jie Shih | Fine Art 1
Hammer’s Auction
Pei-Jie Shih | Fine Art 5
Hey! Give it back to me
Pei-Jie Shih | Fine Art 4
Pei-Jie Shih | Fine Art 3
Food Cain
Pei-Jie Shih | Fine Art 2

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