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Memory of All Saints' Church, Dunwich
PENGFEI ZHANG | Architecture & Interior Design
Memories of the ruined church
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Past and Present
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Time Corridor
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Full circle ringing
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Shadow of bell ringer

Pengfei Zhang

MA Architecture & MA Interior Design

Dunwich was a metropolis with six churches. Due to sea erosion, Dunwich disappeared, but there is a legend that like the song from Al Stewart: “By the lost town of Dunwich, the shore was washed away. They say you hear the church bells still as they toll beneath the waves.” The design is called “Loss & Memories”, which focuses on church heritage and traditional cultures of English full circle ringing.

This design is a spatial installation, which uses abstract architectural forms to create an immersive memorial space through technical methods, incorporating sound, light, behaviour and dynamics to allow people to think and learn through perceptual experience.

The aim is letting people protect the architectural heritage and culture of bell ringers. It is based on the All Saint’ Church, Dunwich. The audience can enjoy the church structure and play full bells together according to the prompt light on the rope to create the bell music in the belfry area. Also, sounds of bells can trigger the movement and light of structures which can merge and disperse with music, as if memories are pouring up and disappearing. The delayed shadow can let the audience have a novel experience of communicating with the past by interacting with the shadows of people from the past.

Is it possible that the past can not come back? Yes, time is gone and never comes back, what we’ve lost will never come back, we must cherish the present, and we must try our best to protect those fragile things. Memories are like fragments. When you mourn deeply, they will be pieced together. When you are indulged in memories, they will break again.