Pingting Shu

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I am a visual artist and my work covers a wide range of themes and styles. The main part of the work is the use of existential philosophical theories and clinical psychology to develop a series of different thinking and creations. I will use photography as a metaphor for the emotions and stories behind the photos, revealing the difference between reality and imagination.

My main work during my MA revolved around the theme of death, which has been mentioned more and more frequently after the pandemic. Those who survived, always seem to need a ritual, a passage, to take them across the boundary between life and death, to connect the past and the present, to solidify those invisible memories into objects or actions, to awaken their emotions that are gradually being burned by time. I prefer to use surrealist techniques to restore the true state of anxiety. I interviewed fifteen patients with death anxiety. They told me their real feelings and thoughts. I hope to express these emotions through photography. To find the boundary between reality and nothingness.

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