Poppy Tester

Extended Diploma in Art & Design - Year 2 - Rochester


My work is exploring the idea of vulnerability. For this project I looked at the difficulty of being venerable with your self and others through photography. My hope is that as an audience people look at these images and resinate with the feeling of uncomfortableness and exposure that I have tried to capture in my work. I asked people what made them feel venerable- from this i created work with the themes of the human body, sex, femininity and queer identity.  


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Poppy Tester | Photography 5
This is one of my favourites from my project. My goal was to capture a feeling of venerability and detail that resinates with people, i think i did a good job of this in this image as it feels very invasive and private with so much detail of the skin ,hair ,fat.
Poppy Tester | Photography 4
This was my finale project set up for the exhabition. I wanted my work to feel a little more 3D and to have more emotion to it. I achived this by burning my images of the models detailed body to signify the damage that comes with being venrable. I then used charcole and spray mount to create this burt like effect on the walls and down to the floor. Im really glad i did this as i think it got the message of my work across better and in a more eye catching way.
Poppy Tester | Photography 3
This is an image from my shoot exploring the venrability that comes withbeing feminine as a male. The main focus is the gloves, a sign of feminity through out the ages and tried to captre a feeling of struggle and anger with himself.
Poppy Tester | Photography 2
This image is again to do with fristration with yourself and your body and how you can feel trapped. The image is very detailed down to the fat and the texture of the tights.
Poppy Tester | Photography 1
This photo is meant to be about exposing your body. When i asked others when they felt most venrable one of the most common answers was when having sex or being nacked. You could argue there is nothing more venrable then being naked. To shoot the photos i really played with the light and lenses to ensure i was getting a very contrasting, sharp, detailed image. image
Poppy Tester | Photography
In the same collection as the last photo this image is all about exposing your body and the risks and venerability that must come with that. What i loved about this image is the detail of everything: the lines on his back to his veins on his hand.