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Whether you are at home or any place one always needs some other comfort around them.
The idea of comfort came to me as I am a very emotional and sensitive being. I find myself safe around people where I don’t have to think before saying anything.
My concept came from my personal space and is about people who I mate within the UK and who are really close to me. In my research, I found different colors that depict various emotions and I further explore different colors that depict different senses of comfort for people and this became the key element of my project.

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Entering in a new place and the very second after meeting someone new yet getting the vibe of an old friend is how I connected to Karthik. He is one like me a little adventurous and social. Meeting new people and yet enjoying own company sometimes. Learning new things around him has been something I enjoyed with a stranger and now a good person. Around Karthik I am more sort of energetic and sociable.
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When we talk about meeting new people from different parts of the world and exploring about their lifestyle is one whole unique experience. Meeting Liao was completely new episode of my journey. Because of language barrier there was always an on off kind of friendship with him. With all due respect he is a really good person but sometimes you just don’t get along with everyone you meet. Around Liao I have always felt cold and distant
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Naisargi is one the my first friend in UK. She and I share same background, likes and dislikes and we are much more alike yet different in many ways. She is always around me and a person to always look after in all the times. She makes me feel compassionate and playful
Prapti Panchal | Photography
Growing up alone I always wished to have a sister. Growing up with an elder brother has been amazing, but sometimes I wished I had an elder sister. Being miles away from home, I never thought that I would meet someone who I could look up to as a sister. Vaishnavi became everything that I always wanted in an elder sister. She pushes me to be more confident and creative. Having her around me brings out the best in me.

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