Qiaochu Liu

BA (Hons) Graphic Design: Visual Communications / BA (Hons) Graphic Design - Canterbury


What is the wor_

Perhaps, there might be this kind of situation, like there is some feeling, some thought, some word you suddenly forgot the right description.

“What is the word….?”

As a foreign speaker, this kind of situation may be trickier.

“Language is essentially a concept, a voice to represent something.”

The difference could appear in area like accent, metaphor, culture background and etc.

Project description:

Use the visual shape and character to wit and humorously introduce some jokes that international students (mostly, myself) made due to language and cultural background differences.

Why is there such a title:

The modern version of the pen forgotten may be a daze in the face Infront a blank input box. Sometimes I lose inspiration. Sometimes I want to point out the situation: Forgot how to spell a word, or can’t find a word to correctly describe the correct expression.

In the time I spent at UCA, apart from professional knowledge, one of the biggest things I have learned is to be cautious and make mistakes. These two things may sound contradictory, but in the early stage of research, as long as we have enough accumulation, we can confidently and boldly imagine experiments for projects. In my childhood, making mistakes is a negative thing, it means embarrassment, shame, no matter how big or small, even being caught wearing the wrong pair of socks, sometimes it sounds like heaven collapsed.

The same is true in the area of  learning to use a foreign language. Beginners are tremblingly walking a tightrope in an unfamiliar environment, for fear of falling into a bottomless abyss and shattering their bones. Assuming little success, the occasional slip of the tongue can be embarrassing. All kinds of worries, for people who grew up in a similar environment as me, hindered the practice of foreign languages to some extent, hindered the improvement of oral English – because they were too worried so that some people rarely spoke.

In the past three years, I also made a lot of language, culture-related mistakes, and also caused communication obstacles for various reasons.

But is there any huge issue? I am here to learn, and everyone is here to learn.

In the spirit of having fun through hardship, I present some of my experiences to my audiences as a graduation project. What I want to express is that mistakes are not all fatal and terrifying. Reflecting on mistakes and constantly improving and progressing is the answer to mistakes. some face.

Of course, there is also a reason to choose this theme because I hope that my work, as always, can bring some fun to everyone.

Life is too short, so just smile if you can, for you and me who met on the life journey.




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