Qilang Feng

MA Fine Art - Canterbury


MISTAKE is more than a continuation of Feng’s previous works and it is highly connected to her own life experience. She is always searching the dangerous boundary from daily life, and finding the ambiguous metaphors for hiding the possiblely true meaning. This work has both Dada, mysticism and Symbolism, and also she uses a lot of self-reported dubbing into the films and book. The scenes, pages of the red book and items seem to be random but they are deliberately arranged instead.

The main methods and contexts of Feng’s works are autobiographical, sociological, psychogeographical, mystical and semiotical. Feng tries to extract the shadow of the general social psychology from the fragments of personal daily life, and exploring the possibility of some special colors from the things repeated every day. She uses a naive and childish but also complex way of expressing that often leads to some simple and inappropriate but unexpectedly interesting misunderstandings. These misunderstandings often bring more possibilities for precise understandings because of the individual peculiarities and personal exprience of each reader. Visually, by unifying the tones and establishing “RED” as the central color, She continued her poetic aesthetic of “chaotic order” to say the words. The films and the red book use a narrative technique which seems to be chaotic and is actually full of coherence, and makes people puzzled. Just like life, everything exists independently, but there is often a butterfly effect in the end.

By grasping the space, multimedia and visual atmosphere of the entire work, Feng is guiding the
audience through the “extracts” of her life combined with the audience’s personal experience, drawing people’s thinking and attention to history, individuals, and society.

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