Ran She

MA Graphic Design


In recent years, with the popularity of talk shows and debate programs in China, a lot of discussions about femininity have been started on the internet, and women’s power has started to receive a lot of attention. But there is very little discussion about men, and masculinity is still the dominant social thought about men. The inspiration for this project came from reflections after reading Perry’s The Decline of Masculinity.

During my month back home I kept a diary of my father’s behaviour, which was not good at showing emotions, irritability, smoking, and partying with friends. These bad habits seem to be the ones that a “normal” man should have. So in my subsequent communication with my father, I started to define my thoughts, and I wanted to express my redefinition of “masculinity” through my perspective.



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about masculinity zine
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“male period”
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dare to show love
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strong enough to sensitive
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dare to be vulnerable