Ran You

BA (Hons) Film Production


No. 07507677073

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As a graduation project for my undergraduate film production studies at UCA, I wrote and directed a crime, thriller, action, and music short film,
CHASING. As my fourth directing work, I tried to increase the dramatic tension between the characters while adding more plot elements. I also mixed a variety of elements, music, art, and exaggerated characterization. The intention of the film is to try the limits of each HOD. At the same time, the story style of the film is trying to reach to Quentin Tarantino and Guy Ritchie, and the cinematic style is reaching to Euphoria.

From the very beginning of the scripting process, I had the idea of creating a multicharacter drama. And within that framework I was thinking about how to fuse more elements to make the whole script and everything interesting and plausible. If the story took place among a group of students, if it took place among a group of programmers, or if it took place in a retirement home, I don’t think it would make sense. But if it happened to a group of young people who were playing music and
playing in a band and getting high on drugs and drinking and spending money.

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