Ravi Nkengfack

BA (Hons) Computer Games Arts


‘Rhythm + Blues’ is my final major project for my final year at the University for the Creative Arts, Farnham.  This game concept is a hybrid action RPG/card battle system. As new prison breakers, you must fight your way to find the reason music and sound are disappearing around the galaxy, gain lifetime allies and find a way to sever the chain that binds you two! All while containing a focus on a diverse cast of characters that are inspired by musical genres, this investigative project includes their differing weapons too.

I hope you enjoy the work as much as I did designing the concepts! If you wish to see my other works please follow me on these socials:




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Ravi Nkengfack | Games 7
'Rhythm + Blues' - Final Major Project
Ravi Nkengfack | Games 1
Ravi Nkengfack Demoreel 2021
Ravi Nkengfack | GamesView pdf
'Rhythm + Blues' - Game & Design Document
Ravi Nkengfack | Games 6
Cover Art Illustration
Ravi Nkengfack | Games 5
Rhythm's Character Sheet
Ravi Nkengfack | Games 4
Blues's Character Sheet
Ravi Nkengfack | Games 3
Rhythm's Saxophone Shotgun
Ravi Nkengfack | Games 2
In-game combat screen