Reagan Farrington

BA (Hons) Film & Digital Art


And What Remains is a short film about a femicide discover her death and the 24 hour period of waiting her family goes through. It’s a psychological horror created because of the increase in female abuse and femicide cases in the UK during the pandemic.

Gia- Rehana Samia,

Vicky- Yvonne Hays

Chris- Bernardino Fernandez

Director/producer/writer- Reagan Farrington

Director of Photography- Andreea Cristea

Camera and audio Assistant- Laura Vaitl

Assistant director/Art direction- Milly Wipawasu

Editor: Benjamin Bager

Special thanks to Ben and Chris Walker, Lambeth council film department, Anne Parisio, and the University for the Creative Art. Collaboration with Protecting Me.

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Reagan Farrington | Fine Art 1
And What Remains, 2022
Reagan Farrington | Fine Art
And What Remains, 2022