Rebecca Fletcher

BA (Hons) Fashion Atelier


Initially, this collection explored the concept of the Japanese principle ‘ma’, the concept of negative space. I wanted to interpret and develop specific pattern cutting methods to explore the negative space between the fabric and the body, combining this with traditional bespoke tailoring and dressmaking techniques allowed me to create what I believe is a fusion of historical and contemporary practices.

As my collection developed, I was drawn to the concept of scale and shape. Researching sculptors such as Henry Moore and Kerryn Levy influenced my own sculpture pieces which fed directly into my design work. I found that developing uncommon things into pattern cutting methods gave me a unique approach as I worked in a continuous cycle between 2D and 3D practices.


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Rebecca Fletcher | Fashion 3
Final Looks
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Final Line Up
Rebecca Fletcher | Fashion 1
Final Look 1
Rebecca Fletcher | Fashion
Final Look 2