Reda Urbonaite

BA (Hons) Illustration - Farnham


This experimental installation piece delves into the subject of parasocial relationships, exploring the dynamics of one-sided connections where one party invests energy, interest, and time without the other person’s awareness. The central character of the piece, Kevin, becomes consumed by an obsession with blondes and Britney Spears as a means to cope with his profound sense of isolation. His table is strewn with traces of addictive habits, symbolising his attempt to fill the void. Kevin’s overwhelming loneliness reaches its peak when he experiences a hallucination of feminine hands reaching out to him, beckoning him into the longed-for embrace he so desperately craves.

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Reda Urbonaite | Illustration 5
Darling Kevin
Reda Urbonaite | Illustration 4
Reda Urbonaite | Illustration 3
Reda Urbonaite | Illustration 2
Reda Urbonaite | Illustration 1
Reda Urbonaite | Illustration

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