Rehna Anna Oommen

MA Design Innovation & Brand Management


Hi, I am Rehna, I am 25. I love the two opposite ends; I love dabbing contrasting acrylics on a paper. I love warm evenings at home with a cup of hot tea as much as I love volunteering for busy literature events. I can be all by myself in the middle of nowhere without seeing my Neighbours for days and weeks. I also love the rush & excitement I get while experiencing theatre plays. I love the energy in all calm and loud and I strive for this contrast everywhere. I am a creative as much as I am a writer and a poet where I communicate through the filter of visuals and words. Being a student at UCA and fabricating my final MA project changed me into a completely different person I never knew existed before. If you ask me how I feel about it, I will say, I feel liberated, I feel stronger than ever.

UK, a decision still makes me nervous enough with the thought of leaving behind the addictive ties back in my country, levelling up in courage and breathing out calm. I have chosen singledom as my research area with the consideration and empathy for people unpartnered in a society having economic barriers & dominated by couples. Giving this project an identity of ‘Singles Pie’ was utterly satisfactory. With the brand ‘Singles Pie’, I want singles to voice up for the benefits and fairness received just by couples otherwise. For example: medical facilities being built around the idea that everyone has someone. I aspire for the brand to grow as my own family over the coming years.

I wish to shift the mindsets around the world from traditional coupledom as the only goal towards singlehood as a personal choice of lifestyle. I am neither the one who debates for singlehood against coupledom nor am I providing a space for singles to date because I think there are plenty of those. What I want is the brands and industries to shine the light on this existing singles demographic so that singletons receive equal benefits and fairness just like any one else.

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Rehna Anna Oommen | Business & Management
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