Renming Tan

BA (Hons) Fine Art - Farnham


Renming Tan practice as an interdisciplinary art practitioner working with various media whose research focuses on the role of art could be a translation medium toward those everyday objects which contain subjective significances to him. Through Tan’s practices on performance art, participatory art, sculpture, digital art, painting, and photography, every time, he has experimented with the translatability of the particular object selected for having profound investigation. The pivotal projects comprise of Task paper series (2020-2021) ( and Vocabulary series (2021-2022)( specific objects (Task paper and Vocabulary notebook) manifested in the titles are methodologically scrutinized through artistic practices, able to form an archeological manipulation toward the targeted object ensued with further process of revaluation. By virtue thereof, Tan insists the synthetic retrievability of each selected objects through the means of reflection reified in artistic acts. Thus, the resultant enrichment of the meanings of the object effectuates the perspective diversity toward it, which then instigates deepened consciousness and experience of the object in everyday life.

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RENMING TAN | Fine Art 5
RENMING TAN | Fine Art 4
Performance art
RENMING TAN | Fine Art 3
RENMING TAN | Fine Art 2
RENMING TAN | Fine Art 1