Reshmeen Rumu

BA (Hons) Fine Art - Farnham


Reshmeen Akther Rumu

Tittle: Inside the Veil

Medium: Acrylic Painting on Canvas (4.42m x 2m), Metal sculpture (height 1.8m), Bronze Sculpture (20x26cm), Fine Art Photography (AO paper)

I’m an international student, particularly specialising in subjects surrounding Feminism, Hijab ban, Women rights and many other related topics. My main goal throughout this topic is to dispel common misconceptions about Muslim women and their choice to wear a hijab/burqa, as well as to convey a message through my works about why we Muslim women wear it and how important it is to us.

One of my most important pieces is an armour-like metal sculpture made of chopped metal sheet and wire. I created this piece to celebrate the hijab and to educate people on the true meaning of hijab and burqa (a headscarf and a gown worn by Muslim women). The goal of this project is to dispel the myth that Muslim women are forced to wear Burqas and Hijabs; rather, it is their right and choice to wear whatever they want and how it empowers them.

Another work is a bronze sculpture of a burqa and proudly displaying itself as empowering clothing. This sculpture represents the bravery required for Muslim women to represent themselves as Muslims in today’s world. The rough texture, spots and the holes on the surface of the sculpture depicts the struggle and the harassment women have to suffer by the society for wearing the hijab.

Lastly, another work is an acrylic on canvas painting (2.2X4.4 meters) of various hijabi women from various cultures and hijabs in various styles. The painting essentially captures how women from all over the world wear the hijab in their own unique way, but all of the women share the same beliefs and convey the same message about wearing the hijab.

I have also experimented with photography, capturing myself performing a portrait while dressed in black clothing to represent a burqa.
For more detailed information about my works, please visit my Instagram page, where I have posted all of my works and making process.


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Reshmeen Rumu | Fine Art 13
Reshmeen Akther Rumu
Reshmeen Rumu | Fine Art 12View pdf
Reshmeen Rumu | Fine Art 11
Metal Sculpture (1.8m)
Reshmeen Rumu | Fine Art 10
Metal sculpture
Reshmeen Rumu | Fine Art 9
Bronze Sculpture (20x26cm)
Reshmeen Rumu | Fine Art 8
Fine Art Photography
Reshmeen Rumu | Fine Art 7
Hijab Painting (4.42 x 2m)