Riley Kennedy

BA (Hons) Product Design


For this final project, I explored the idea of gendered design and how to incorporate this into creating androgynous designs that had both masculine and feminine elements, stepping away from the link between androgyny and minimalism.

This resulted in a collection of mugs that represent the spectrum between masculine and feminine. You can select a mug that you feel represents your own gender identity or choose based entirely on aesthetic appeal. Either way, you create your own family of mugs and start the conversations about queerness within your own home.

I can be found on Instagram @rileykennedypd and the mugs @fammugs

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Riley Kennedy | Product Design 4
Riley Kennedy | Product Design 3View pdf
Final Major Project Summary
Riley Kennedy | Product Design 2
Evolution of mug designs, starting with the ends of the spectrum and expanding the range.
Riley Kennedy | Product Design 1
Final prototypes in use.
Riley Kennedy | Product Design
Carousel image showing the collection of mugs spanning over the gender spectrum.