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My name is Ronnie Leah and this my final submission towards my degree in computer animation.

The final animation is a culmination of the last three projects within the animation degree units, ‘Premise’, ‘Minor’ and ‘Major’. The three units spanned the entirety of a year, giving me time to follow through with an initial idea, all the way up to the final product. I was able to focus my ideas on anything which interested me, with the time to mould the idea into the product in which I have submitted. I chose to focus heavily on the animation and character design, mixing together both my strength and weaknesses. I really wanted to develop my animation skills further as I felt this was a weaker part of my skills. By completing a project which relied heavily upon this skill, it forced me to have to confront my weaknesses and develop them into strengths. I feel by completing every stage of the animation process, from its initial ideas, all the way to the final product, I have become far more confident in my skills and have learnt a lot about how the process of making an animation would work in the industry.

I chose to complete a fight scene between two characters with very different backgrounds, with the idea that each character is a product of their environment. With the animation being set in the not so distant future (with the rate technology is developing), one character is a product of the Cyberpunk world, a world in which one can modify their body to create the ‘perfect human’. The other character comes from a traditional Japanese background in which technology is banned and all skills attained comes from hard work. The animation plays out the collision of both worlds, reflecting the idea that we are loosing our own world to technology.


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Ronnie Leah | Animation 7
Ronnie Leah | Animation
Ronnie Leah | Animation 1View pdf
The 'Art Of' PDF files details the processes taken within the Major unit of the course, showing the completion of the final animation.
Ronnie Leah | Animation 6
Ronnie Leah | Animation 5
Ronnie Leah | Animation 4
Ronnie Leah | Animation 3
Ronnie Leah | Animation 2

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