Rose Sambrook

BA (Hons) Fine Art - Farnham


This video piece documents an extended period of isolation during the second lockdown. Through continual documentation of the limited perspective the video becomes a timeline of the months spent alone looking out onto the world through the confinement’s of the window. The piece explores the boundaries between still and moving images. It pushes the boundaries of both, creating a short film that’s so slow it’s almost still. This exploration of still and moving image is a reflection on the still  feeling experienced in those months, the feeling that nothing is changing and that the situation was never ending. Comprised of over 300 images, slowly layered on top of each other to create small variations until the final image is completely changed from its original. The piece is a comment on forced perspective and an exploration of the in between ‘space’ that contains the view, the window. The window acting as a barrier, or border to let in part of the outside world, without being able to be in it.

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Rose Sambrook | Fine Art 6
Rose Sambrook | Fine Art 5
Rose Sambrook | Fine Art 4
Rose Sambrook | Fine Art 3
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Rose Sambrook | Fine Art