Rosie Humphrey

BA (Hons) Illustration - Farnham


Hi, I’m Rosie Humphrey, a printmaker/ illustrator from Hampshire. Here is my final major project called Mid March. Mid March is based on a walk I took during lockdown repeatedly along the Basingstoke Canal to the Ford in North Warnborough and the lockdown adjustments we made to our freedom for good reasons. I hope that this book will give a lifeline for people to see their day-to-day walk in a new light, highlighting the parts of the walk we just glaze over. As well as offering an experience of a walk for those that can no longer take a walk due to shielding or physical or mental reasons. I hope you enjoy Mid March and its prints as well as its text that is design to sound like the sounds you would hear on the walk when read aloud.

To Read a full copy of Mid March click on link below ;

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Instagram: @reh_artwork


Email: [email protected]

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Rosie Humphrey | Illustration 5
Rosie Humphrey | Illustration 4
Empty Road
Rosie Humphrey | Illustration 3
a pop of yellow
Rosie Humphrey | Illustration 2
Escaping Down
Rosie Humphrey | Illustration 1
The Path Beneath
Rosie Humphrey | Illustration
Canal Bridge