Rosie Johnston

BA (Hons) Fashion Atelier


Since moving away from my hometown of Lowestoft on the coast of Suffolk, I have been able to observe the drastic change between different areas of the coastline as an effect of coastal erosion. 

Coastal erosion is a continuous, increasingly destructive, ever-occurring event. To highlight this; I have chosen to focus on the element of negative space through the destruction of the cliffs and responding to the layering of wave outlines, using continuous line drawings to demonstrate how the shapes of waves breaking on the shore mimic that of the land preceding it. Translated through first-hand images and my own interpretations through drawing, I have also studied the surface of the cliff face which reveals itself and the layers within through erosion, attempting to imagine what had once existed in terms of its structure, to build the structure back up that has been destroyed. 

I have an admiration and appreciation for the relationship between the land and the sea. How something as seemingly delicate and fragile as water can hold such power and chaotic energy, with catastrophic consequences when combined with a continuous back and forth, reciprocal exchange of movement, forever involved and participating in each other’s existence. 

This is something I have attempted to recreate throughout my collection, a gradual display of both force and fragility, focusing on the process of building structure away from the body through layering and draping of fabrics, as well as communicating negative space through manipulation technique, highlighting the deformity of the silhouette through asymmetric and contrasting forms. 


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