Ruby Belsom

Extended Diploma in Art & Design - Year 2 - Canterbury


My name is Ruby Belsom and I am a costume student at UCA Canterbury, my work reflects my passion for the industry as well as my stance on using more sustainable materials to limit my environmental impact. I am motivated by my want to change the mindset in using recycled fabrics or second-hand items to still create a high quality garment.

My Work is called Eternal Duality and it is based on the animated Netflix show Castlevania, as they are vampires the idea was to take two of them and place each one in different decades. I was trying to achieve a perfect harmony between the decades trends and the characters personality. The strong female antagonist Carmilla is in the height of 1950s glamour Hollywood and the troubled protagonist Alucard is an 80s punk.

If you have any questions or want to get in touch my Instagram is rubybelsom_costume

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Ruby Belsom | Fashion
Ruby Belsom | Fashion 5
Carmilla's 50s garment
Ruby Belsom | Fashion 4
Alucard's 80s Costume
Ruby Belsom | Fashion 3
Ruby Belsom | Fashion 2
Ruby Belsom | Fashion 1