Rui Sun

BA (Hons) Photography - Farnham


The long-term violence and depressed family made me suffer from depression. Only the sky and medicine can heal me. I sit in front of my window and look up at the sky. The two chains made it impossible for the balloon to rise into the sky. I’m trapped in my room and family. The two chains are my parents. The one on the left shows the violence I suffered from my father, the one on the right is my mother. Although she also suffered violence and infidelity from him, she also connected with him. They tied me up. I want yo fly to the sky, but I can’t. I accidentally saw my mother’s mobile phone, which was a text message sent to my father. She was subjected to violence, but she also begged him not to leave. She said that he could only belong to her. My soul is shattered. But they said to me‘ you just think too much; you take less medicine; you are not sick; why don’t you always think about it? Even if you die, it won’t affect us.’ I use pills to cover up the pain, the sky is my salvation.

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Rui Sun | Photography 1
Sky, ten and half pills, family and Yue

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