Ruilin Liang

MFA Photography


My work has always developed around the possibilities of the image, such as: how to create photographs, how to present photographs, and how to view photographs. In the past, I have blurred the definition of the act of photography, for example, by using screenshots from mobile phones and computers to ‘take’ photographs, and by using photographs as sculptures to shape the ‘landscape’ …… I am very immersed in breaking with the traditional ways of viewing images, and in the 21st century digital age of information explosion and image flooding, I am more concerned with making photography unreproducible and indescribable, so that the viewer can experience my photographs as if they were precious medieval classical paintings.

The work in this exhibition, ‘Coagulation’, tells the story of my daily interaction with my mother. I have collected and used images that have lost their original aesthetic and use value and used them to create art to observe my mother’s relationship with me, using the form of making sculptures to create image works that congeal my daily life with my mother in the images, leaving the imprint of time.

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Ruilin Liang | Photography
Photography in sculptural form
Ruilin Liang | Photography 4
Greetings - 9
Ruilin Liang | Photography 3
Greetings - 10
Ruilin Liang | Photography 2
Good Mother - 1
Ruilin Liang | Photography 1
Good Mother - 2