Ruizhi Chen

MA Photography


This work was inspired by social networks and conversations among friends. I find that there are many people who are in a state of stray. All aspects of life are churned together, and many issues in experience are blurred, and this blurring is real, such as anxiety. Anxiety is also very comprehensive. Anxiety cannot come from a reaction to just one issue: education, employment, marriage, climate, war, transportation, and so on, are put together to form anxiety. One of the greatest features of people’s distress is the great fluctuation of social mood. Under the fluctuation, the second great distress we face is the division, the whole society is a tear state, there is no basic a consensus. This tearing also means that there is no way to form a stable, self-consistent perception of life, so people do not know what is happening in the most specific life process, every day, and there is a huge sense of disorder.

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