Ruth Furber

MA Graphic Design


Hi, I’m Ruth, I’m 22, and I’m originally from Worcester in the West Midlands. I studied Music as an undergraduate before coming to UCA to study for my masters. I love wayfinding, EGD, maps and all design for transportation systems and that’s ultimately where I’d like to end up! These photos are two of my favourite projects from this year, if you wish to see more visit, @ruthfurberdesign on Instagram, or connect with me on LinkedIn.

My major project, ‘reCLAIM’, grew out of my love of wayfinding. I began researching how COVID-19 will affect the transport and the commuting sector: this led me to examine possible futures of both commuting and hybrid work environments and what that means for those who will have to adapt to this new normal. I stumbled across the idea of a virtual commute in a Microsoft article: they were exploring using meditation during what would have been the commute time, with the goal of improving mental wellbeing and productivity. 

Finding this to be an interesting concept I decided to focus on creating an app that would allow people to reclaim this lost commuting time rather than using it to sleep in and further blend their conception of work and home life. I settled on creating a structure that reflects “the commute” in order to allow users to return to separating their time, and their mindsets – a kind of wayfinding for the mind. The key goal of mine was allowing people to reclaim the time previously used for commuting, that owing to working from home, had been used to continue working and redistribute it into wellness activities to improve wellbeing.‘reCLAIM’ is an app that allows people to reclaim ex-commuting time as their own, whilst improving time management and allowing people to achieve their personal goals and aims. 

‘The Corner Shop Culture Project’, was for a university brief on the theme of ‘Nationhood’.

I explored the idea of corner shops and their unique place in British culture, memories linked to particular objects and combining them with retro packaging. I used a mixture of Adobe Illustrator and Dimension to create renders of these objects, which I then turned into a poster series.

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Ruth Furber | Graphic Design 5
reCLAIM App Mock-up
Ruth Furber | Graphic Design 4
reCLAIM App Mock-up
Ruth Furber | Graphic Design 3
reCLAIM App Mock-up
Ruth Furber | Graphic Design 2
reCLAIM App Mock-up
Ruth Furber | Graphic Design 1
The Corner Shop Culture Project Posters 1-3
Ruth Furber | Graphic Design
The Corner Shop Culture Project Posters 4-5