Ruth Williams-Masters

BA (Hons) Illustration - Farnham


Inspired by ‘Cautionary Tales’ from the last two centuries and the nonsensical Limericks of Edward Lear, Gory Story Pick-Up-Pairs is a Memory game with a twist. The continuing appeal of the Cautionary Tale has shown that the genre is still popular, perhaps because the themes demonstrate that many of the dangers in Society still exist and the warnings of yesteryear remain applicable today. However, new technology and attitudes mean there are a whole new set of Life Lessons to be learnt and the need for a different mode of learning them. Books are still a popular way to disseminate information, but the enduring popularity of Table-Top games provides a more interesting route, conveying the messages to a wider audience. The re-vamp of these stories into playing cards, hopefully makes for a didactic learning experience, whilst humorously reminding today’s Tweens & Teens of ways to avoid Sudden Death!

Illustrated & Composed by Ruth Williams-Masters (with the occasional interjection from her parents!!)

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Ruth Williams-Masters | Illustration 3
Ruth Williams-Masters | Illustration 5
'PHONE BONE' - A Lassie from County Tyrone, Refused to stop using her phone, Her thumb grew colossal, Calcified to a fossil, Then Splintered off leaving a bone!
Ruth Williams-Masters | Illustration 4
'SALMONELLA PAELLA' - There was a young lady from Keller, Who tasted a mouldy Paella, Despite all the warning, She continued engorging, And now she has got Salmonella!
Ruth Williams-Masters | Illustration 2
'SCREEN CLEAN' - There was a young person from Sheen, Who spent too much time on his screen, His pupils grew stout, His eyeballs fell out, And his four-legged friend licked them clean!
Ruth Williams-Masters | Illustration 1
'BOSPHORUS PHOSPHOROUS' - There was a young man on the Bosphorus, Who had a great passion for Phosphorous, He burnt up his boat, And survived on a float, But found he was no longer prosperous
Ruth Williams-Masters | Illustration
'FRYER DRYER' - There was a young man from Penarth, Who blow dried his hair in the bath, The dryer made ripples And fried both his nipples, Tattoo-ing and int'resting path!

Warning - this showcase contains explicit content such as scenes of a sexual or violent nature, nudity or features strong language, and is unsuitable for under 18's.