Ruwen Zhang

MA Illustration


The story is about a soul exploring the world of the soul before it is given to the body of a newborn.

People’s life is full of infinite unknowns.The unknown world that people face will be timid and afraid. We don’t know whether it’s dangerous or beautiful in this unknown world.
I used lenticular printing to stress the unknown of the world. You can observe the transformation of these scenes by changing the direction of walking.You can think of the white person in the scene as yourself. What can you see in these scenes?


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Ruwen Zhang | Illustration 7
Wisteria and Carp
Ruwen Zhang | Illustration
Finished product display
Ruwen Zhang | Illustration 6View pdf
All pictures in the work
Ruwen Zhang | Illustration 5
The meeting of the soul and the guardian in the world of the soul in the story
Ruwen Zhang | Illustration 4
Lost souls indulge in the world of the deep sea.
Ruwen Zhang | Illustration 3
In a world that looks fraught with danger. Maybe some beautiful and gentle creatures.
Ruwen Zhang | Illustration 2
Are you afraid to meet the eyes of others? If you muster up the courage to face it, you will find that you are the most shining one.
Ruwen Zhang | Illustration 1
Have you ever had such a dream on a summer night? Boats in the sky, flying fish and a world full of wisterias.