Sabah Javaid-Khan

BA (Hons) Graphic Communication / BA (Hons) Graphic Design - Farnham


Over the course of my studies, I discovered that there is a real need for brands to communicate with, and to create space for all social and cultural demographics in society.  In response to the lack of South Asian representation in design, I created a brand -‘Represent-Asian’ that celebrates the hybrid cultural identity of the British Pakistani population. Using well known humorous Urdu phrases, and communicating through a unique fusion of Urdu and English typography, Project Represent-Asian creates a bright and fun celebration of British Pakistani culture.

‘Chai Shai’ is the colloquial Urdu term for tea and the accompanying spread. ‘Gup Shup’ is the colloquial Urdu term for chit-chat. ‘Theek thaak’ is the colloquial Urdu term for ship-shape. ‘Zabardast’ is the colloquial Urdu term for awesome!

Full merchandise range is available to view through RedBubble platform:

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Sabah Javaid-Khan | Graphic Design 5
Laser-cut Research Book Cover. The overlaid cut out text in both Urdu and English is symbolic of the overlapping nature of language for those with hybrid cultural identities.
Sabah Javaid-Khan | Graphic Design 6View pdf
Represent-Asian Brand Presentation
Sabah Javaid-Khan | Graphic Design 4
Brand Summary showcasing 'Represent-Asian' brand values, collateral and merchandise.
Sabah Javaid-Khan | Graphic Design 3
My process of hybridizing Urdu and Roman English alphabets.
Sabah Javaid-Khan | Graphic Design 2
Hybrid Type Posters, inspired by Urdu words and Pakistani design and textiles
Sabah Javaid-Khan | Graphic Design 1
'Chai Shai' ('Tea Time') Coasters inspired by Pakistani truck art designs
Sabah Javaid-Khan | Graphic Design
'Gup Shup' ('Chit-Chat') Phone Cases