Samantha Gallimore

BA (Hons) Fine Art - Canterbury


Science inspired practice interested in “The unseen” often hidden in plain sight. For instance, the many colours veiled in transparent light. Our perception and understanding of our world, directly influence and shape our own reality. “Isolation of space” is Inspired by quantum entanglement (the suspected conversation between atoms over distance). during the lockdown. Forcing us to separate; interrupting “ancient unseen, connections”. Bringing to the fore these theories has resulted in an illuminating light installation, activated by the chairs that are only activated interaction with “natural sunlight.” Since sunlight is the only light that contains the full spectrum of colour. This work moves itself autonomously. In Mary Course‘s words, “Light is typically viewed as a medium to illuminate an object in one way or another, and not so much the real object of appreciation”. However light itself, can serve as both subject and material in art. I have used light to sculpt the air, to highlight and isolate space, chairs sit opposite each other suggestive of conversation. “Imaginarium” is a place where you are free to imagine anything, upside down inside out, much like quantum theorists do.  In “Coming out as dyslexic” words are seen as art. highlighting the often-unseen struggles of existing within an institution while having a condition such as dyslexia, drawing attention to the coloured films used by dyslexic people just like me. Ultimately, I intend that my practice will spark interest and philosophical thoughts on exciting theories not often in the spotlight.

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Samantha Gallimore | Fine Art 6
“Isolation of space”autonomous light installation, that interact with the sun.
Samantha Gallimore | Fine Art 5View pdf
“Your so bright” an ode to Tesla. Photograph from light experiments
Samantha Gallimore | Fine Art 4
“Isolation of space” Sun activated installation
Samantha Gallimore | Fine Art 3
Isolation of space
Samantha Gallimore | Fine Art 2
“Isolation of space”
Samantha Gallimore | Fine Art 1
“Portal” installation
Samantha Gallimore | Fine Art
“Infinity doors” 841mm x 1890mm light installation print