Samuel Sant

Foundation Diploma in Art, Design & Media Practice - Farnham


Hi there, I’m Sam and for my showcase I have presented my prop which I created as the main outcome for my Final Major Project. I have also provided a short narrative excerpt that I wrote called ‘Aerial’, which I used to inspire every aspect of this project.

Both the narrative and prop I have created were inspired by the pandemic that has changed the lives of so many in the last year. While it has had a mostly negative impact on society I felt that it could still be a great source of inspiration for my work, particularly as it is very relevant right now. The prop took the form of a mask as I felt that this is one of the most common items being used in the pandemic and will still be associated with it in many years to come. This is particularly important as if the story had been adapted into a feature film, the prop alone would have helped to give context to what was occurring on screen. The makeshift aesthetic created through the use of aluminium, copper, plastic, EVA foam and a variety of other materials, helps the viewer to understand that my story takes place in a world ravaged by airborne disease and that the few humans that remain have constructed breathing apparatus out of anything they can find.

Alongside the mask, my prop also features a set of canisters that I created which are to be worn on the actor’s back with pipes linking them to the mask. They contain a mix of vegetable oil, water and food colouring inside to create a green liquid that looks like it could be a strange antidote. This liquid is activated using Alka-Seltzer tablets which create a bubbling effect in the liquid, similar to that of a lava lamp. In film production a lot of visual effects are now being used and while in many instances this is necessary, I still love physical effects as they have a visual authenticity which can’t always be replicated on the computer. This is why I really wanted to feature a physical effect in my prop.

To photograph the finished work I visited an abandoned vehicle in the woods near Mickleham which fitted a similar aesthetic as the setting described in my piece of narrative. I put together a costume consisting of dark clothing items like a leather biker jacket and a dark blue cloak to compliment the colour palette used on my prop.

In the future I would love to further develop this narrative and produce more props for both film and television productions.

To view more of my art and design work you can visit @samsantart on Instagram or follow this link:

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Samuel Sant | Pre-degree & Foundation Studies 7
Pandemic Inspired Props - Samuel Sant
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Bubbling Antidote Cannisters
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A Short Excerpt from 'Aerial' - Fictional Narrative
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Samuel Sant | Pre-degree & Foundation Studies