Sarah Lewis

MA Jewellery


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Inspired by shapes and patterns found in nature and urban environments, I delve into the interplay between the ‘curve’ and the ‘straight’. Using metal and porcelain I explore how organic and geometric shapes harmoniously merge and intersect. I have discovered an exciting spontaneity in the unpredictable, disrupting and interrupting the way of things. To me, there’s a beauty in breaking and catharsis in piecing together. Disrupting and breaking the pattern is my small rebellion.

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Sarah Lewis | Crafts 4
Folded silver and porcelain cuff 'Rain'
Sarah Lewis | Crafts 3
Brass and porcelain semi-round cuff 'Pebble'
Sarah Lewis | Crafts 2
Oxidised silver and porcelain folded ring 'Rocks'
Sarah Lewis | Crafts 1
Silver and porcelain brooch 'Rain'
Sarah Lewis | Crafts
Silver and porcelain folded ring 'Foam'

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