Sarah Lockyer

BA (Hons) Photography - Rochester


When the Camellia Blooms


The family album is a personal archive, a place for the safekeeping of memories. Each photo resembled a fragment of unseen memories for many years. Looking at the photographs, I searched for clues to help me understand my family’s history and traced the paths leading to my existence. This project began when I was given family photographs dating back to the early 1900s. After spending many evenings rummaging through boxes of old family photos, I found that most were of my great grandparents. I started to go to places where my great grandparents lived and enjoyed. In one sense, I tried to connect the present and the past. Since my great grandfather passed away while producing this project, it was a sort of spiritual moment for me, as if I went back to where his soul had been. It brought back memories both full of love and sadness.


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