Sarah Parker

BA (Hons) Creative Industries Management in Fashion


Having worked in small businesses between my studies, I have seen how much kindness can impact my peers and my own working day and overall mental wellbeing. I’m inspired by those who have similar backgrounds to myself, working in the creative industries and trying to navigate employment whilst living with mental health issues. It was therefore important for me to incorporate my values into my work and propose businesses that don’t just perform good, but “do good” too. All my work is based around my key interests: sustainability, nature and personal wellbeing. My work showcases 2 examples of my submissions, a repair service, Repair & Square and a sustainable lingerie brand, Nothing but Nips.

Repair & Square is a mobile alteration & repair service which brings the convenience to a traditionally inconvenient practice. Using modified electric vans fitted with sewing machinery & accessories, our staff will complete alterations & repairs by the roadside of local areas. Changing area regularly we hope to build hype surrounding where we will be serving you next. At Repair & Square we focus on speed, convenience & community bringing repair into the mainstream and allowing eco conscious consumers an accessible way into sustainable fashion.

Nothing but Nips is a socially conscious lingerie brand focused on Gen-Z and Millennial women. We offer sustainable underwear options produced with eco-friendly lace materials whilst using promotional and marketing strategies to meet the needs of our younger target market. Profits are donated to different charities every month, appreciating the new regenerative mindsets of the generation.

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