Sebastien Veyan | Graphic Design & Illustration 6
SEQUENTIAL - A project exploring the visualisation and materialisation of sound. Full project description can be accessed by clicking ' View full profile'.
Sebastien Veyan | Graphic Design & Illustration
SEQUENTIAL + Audiovisual Live Set. (Please note that after the credits following SEQUENTIAL, the Audiovisual live set starts after a brief gap between motion pieces.
Sebastien Veyan | Graphic Design & Illustration 5
Mock-up of a still frame taken from SEQUENTIAL.
Sebastien Veyan | Graphic Design & Illustration 4
Mock-up of a still frame taken from SEQUENTIAL.
Sebastien Veyan | Graphic Design & Illustration 3
Poster mock-up promoting SEQUENTIAL.
Sebastien Veyan | Graphic Design & Illustration 2
Poster mock-up promoting SEQUENTIAL.
Sebastien Veyan | Graphic Design & Illustration 1
Poster mock-up promoting SEQUENTIAL.

Sebastien Veyan

MA Visual Communication

SEQUENTIAL is a project that engages with the idea of visualising sound. Exploring the combined processes of sound based material and 3D visuals, the works developed under this project title operate at multiple levels within the field of visual communication.

The intent and purpose of SEQUENTIAL was to primarily express sound as a complex structure in its own right, to communicate a unified form where sounds dictate a certain ambiance, whilst exploring visuals relating to processes within sound design to develop a multifaceted outcome. Unifying sound and visuals stemmed down to their own individual processes, analysing the inputs used to craft a sound and transferring those outputs into a 3D system that would introduce a complete form. Instead of producing works that only visualised sound, the project evolved into a concept of how sounds and visuals can be developed relative to one another. The outcomes that took shape were no longer purely about the relationship between hearing and seeing, but served more as a representation of an approach to these mediums that manifested itself as audiovisual pieces.

The main outcome explored this concept where visual ideas were utilised alongside sound based material. The experimental nature of the motion piece disregarded narrative, with visuals serving as a correlated form to the aural composition, before being realised as a depiction of the concept. Process served as a communication tool, that while it is not directly present within the audiovisual experimental film, the beliefs and approach put into making it carry an intended message of how similar works could be approached. Audiovisual work could take on a more complex form than just being recognised as visuals with an element of sound or vice versa. The precursor before the piece starts briefly shines light on this and states that this is not a form of music video, or a short visual film with sound, but purely an expression of both that exist in this form.

The visuals following SEQUENTIAL are intended for an audiovisual live show, outlining an expression of designed sound, framed through a 3D system. Each visual was developed in relation to a sound, mapping certain controls to 3D parameters to develop a diverse visual motion library which could be explored using sequenced sound samples to realise this intention.

Continuing from the concept outlined earlier, these visuals are not aimed at being a decorative element to sound, but a way of exploring sound practices and visual practices in tandem to fully realise a more direct approach to the idea of audiovisual terminology. This serves as only one framework for pieces of an audiovisual nature and aims to cohesively approach an expression of both aural and visual from a particular angle. These 3D visuals portray one approach to this and are organised in a way where they extend beyond their initial form; much like an electronic artist would alter sound samples to achieve a desired effect within their own work, the visuals are processed in a similar manner.