Seongeun Kim

BA (Hons) Glass, Ceramics, Jewellery, Metalwork


Seongeun Kim 1992

Born South Korea, works England

Cube box chain series 2021

Sterling silver, oxidised silver

Seongeun’s work often inspired by abstract geometry. Its architecture and cube box feature in much of her work. Full of square form and geometric shapes, her works can also be interpreted as her inner identity.

Seongeun has developed an interest in why people wear jewellery on the body. In the past, it could be the reason as symbols of status, wealth, identification and talisman. Today, jewellery is more than ornaments as an expression of who you are. It linked to the body, as well as many aspects of individuality and identity. What she emphasises is the identity of the wearer.

Her practice is to visualise her inner identity and subjective emotions. Geometric shapes serve as a medium of her hometown, background, experience, places, and memory. “A cube box represents space. It linked to places and the time I have lived, experience the world and led me into the unknown”. Square forms of hollow constructions link to other squares. It creates chains with infinite connections as uniqueness.

Instagram: @seongeunjewellery

Website: seongeunjewellery

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Seongeun Kim | Crafts 6
Cube box chain series 2021
Seongeun Kim | Crafts 5
Cube chain 02, short video, ength: approx. 63.5cm, sterling silver, oxidised silver
Seongeun Kim | Crafts 4
Cube chain 01, length: approx. 63.5cm, Material: sterling silver, oxidised silver
Seongeun Kim | Crafts 3
Cube chain 01, Length: approx. 63.5cm
Seongeun Kim | Crafts 2
Cube chain 01, Detail image
Seongeun Kim | Crafts 1
Cube chain 02, Length: approx. 63cm; each chain: approx. 1.5x0.8x 0.7cm, Material: sterling silver, oxidised silver
Seongeun Kim | Crafts
Cube chain 02, Detail image, Cube size, approx. 1.5x1.5x1.5cm