Sevin Chung

International Foundation in Art, Design & Media


‘Retro Record Player Packaging Design’ is a packaging design idea inspired by 1950~60’s aesthetics. The theme of the project is concerned with nostalgia and emotional connection. I chose a record player a s the product to design a packaging for, as I believe it is a perfect example of how an object can trigger memory and emotions, forming a link between past and the present. In the past few decades, most people have started to listen to music electronically or using online streaming services. However, there has been a revival in listening using traditional record players. For that reason, this record player packaging design is targeted to appeal nostalgically to old customers and aesthetically to younger customers.

After the World War II, there was a worldwide economic expansion and many people gained stable life and leisure time. As a result, products and services related to recreation had developed hugely. Similarly, the world’s first LP player was introduced in 1948 designed by Peter Goldmark. So, I thought referencing 1950~60’s aesthetic elements for the packaging will be interesting to a wide spectrum of customers.

1950~60’s graphic design is a strikingly recognisable aesthetic due to the extensive variety of design elements: bold and simple geometric shapes, clean lines, bright contrasted colours, and Bauhaus and Swiss design. Among those elements, I focused on using vivid colours and basic shapes to produce an attractive design that reasonably reminds mid-century aesthetics to customers.

Among number of record players in market, I chose Brionvega’s RR126 (1965) designed by Pier Giacomo and Achille Castiglioni to make a packaging design for. The main reason for choosing this product is in the design elements of the product that are pleasing to our eyes: clear lines, even balance, symmetrical structure, simple block shape. In addition, choosing the player produced in the same period of time made clearer connection between the product and the design.

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