Siew Pink Teoh

BA (Hons) Graphic Design - Epsom


I am a graphic designer who believes project management software can be beautiful, fun and save my time! I value simplicity in my design works. I strive to compact complex visions and messages into a straightforward piece of work.

Voice of Typeface

It is amazing how food packaging typography relates to perception. It represents the tone and values of the brand, just like colour represents a feeling or visually represents a message for customers. I realised that the tone of a lot of drinks products is super positive friendly, so I was thinking maybe I can do the opposite, like using a cartoon-ish font on alcoholic drinks. It would look completely wrong and inappropriate but I would like to know how the design gives the audience a pre-conception of what the text/word/product is actually about.

With this project, people would find that the choice of typeface can have a great influence on the information they receive looking at the word.

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Siew Pink Teoh | Graphic Design 4
Siew Pink Teoh | Graphic Design 5
The original texts give you a pre-conception of what it is about but then when the text changes to another typeface, it will get across certain feelings.
Siew Pink Teoh | Graphic Design 3
Observational drawings. This is to understand the type anatomy, how letters are formed and where lines meet.
Siew Pink Teoh | Graphic Design 2
Pieces of letter extracted from packaging.
Siew Pink Teoh | Graphic Design 1
Played around with different typefaces with same sentence to see how choice of typeface affects the meaning and emotional feeling of the sentence.
Siew Pink Teoh | Graphic Design