Simone Swaine

BA (Hons) Fine Art - Canterbury


Embraced by place, possessed by process my practice explores the world around me. Examining the landscape and its scars in a rich narrative evoked by an emotional response and led by intuitive marks I invite the viewer to peer through my eyes for a moment in time. 

 Using fragments of found textiles from within the landscape I hand stitch these together and into my paintings which aims to question the vibrancy of innate matter and the value we place on them. Together with the use of spontaneous mark making and the use of redundant materials and objects they come together to explore the past, present and future.

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Simone Swaine | Fine Art 5
Rags to Riches, jetsam rags and plastic.
Simone Swaine | Fine Art 6View pdf
Line, dot, electric shock. Emulsion on handmade paper
Simone Swaine | Fine Art 4
The Curios 1,2,3,4. found objects and wool
Simone Swaine | Fine Art 3
Poppys only grow on Sundays (left). (Right) In my pocket; Installation
Simone Swaine | Fine Art 2
Curio 3 and Unchartered Islet. Tailors waste, emulsion, thread and wool.
Simone Swaine | Fine Art 1
The Curios 8 & 9. Found objects, emulsion paint.
Simone Swaine | Fine Art
Rags to Riches. Jetsam fabric and plastics, thread.