Simran Hemnani

BA (Hons) Graphic Design - Epsom


As a designer who is highly influenced by cross-culture experiences of India, Dubai and the UK, several of my projects are focussed on discussing the political, cultural and socio-economic landscapes 

This particular project targets India which suffers from a rape case every 15 minutes and the State of Jaipur being the biggest contributor to this data. Hence, by challenging attitudes towards the role of the society , this campaign argues that society should never solely rely on women alone to protect themselves, but instead, encouraging the community, irrespective of whether they are present or not at the time of the incident, to take ownership and speak up to help prevent sexual violence in the country. 

Since the country is constantly being influenced by its media, street graphics, the society around them and their education system. The goal was to use packaging (like Matchboxes) as a primary mode for marketing. The use of laser cut stamped cards as a constant reminder that it isn’t the victim’s fault but it is society, who witness these cases on a daily basis and still fail to take any action. 

Perhaps, creating an online as well as physical platform run by volunteers that would operate as an instigator for action towards progress. It would help create an opportunity for every individual to ‘discuss their own story and how they are supporting in bringing this to a stop’ and by all means tell it. This would give them complete ownership and encourage them to take part to influence the surroundings they live in.

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Simran Hemnani | Graphic Design
Rape Campaign - #YourFault
Simran Hemnani | Graphic Design 4
Campaign logo on a matchbox in both the languages + overview of the campaign + call to action
Simran Hemnani | Graphic Design 3
Social Media sample covering all the received feedback from the audience via various channels
Simran Hemnani | Graphic Design 2
Making of the campaign logo & preparing for Laser-cutting the stamp
Simran Hemnani | Graphic Design 1
Stamped Logo cards to give away as part of the campaign + brief overview on the back + call to action