Siyu Yi

MA Illustration


Hi. I am an illustrator from China. After studying watercolour for four years, I came to UCA to start my MA Illustration course. During this year, I tried different forms of illustration such as zine, poster design and children’s picture books. I love drawing by hand and I am also working on my electronic drawing. In addition, I like to do crafts, so you can see some different structures appearing frequently in my work. Most of the creative inspiration comes from my life, and I believe that only by feeling life with my heart can I have a constant flow of inspiration. If you are interested in my paintings, you can see my recent work at the website ( or you can contact me through email ([email protected])

你好。我是来自中国的插画家。在学习了四年水彩画后,我来到UCA开始了我的MA插画课程。在这一年里,我尝试了不同形式的插图,如zine,海报设计和儿童图画书。我喜欢手绘,我也在制作电子画。此外,我喜欢做手工艺品,所以你可以看到一些不同的结构经常出现在我的作品中。大部分的创作灵感来自我的生活,我相信只有用心感受生活,才能有源源不断的灵感。如果您对我的画作感兴趣,可以在网站上查看我最近的作品 或者您可以通过电子邮件([email protected])与我联系

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"I have a secret."
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