Sophie Pinney

BA (Hons) Fine Art - Canterbury


My work explores agricultural collisions with nature and is based upon my walks alongside hedgerows. Walking through this patchwork landscape with hedgerows neatly stitching out boundaries means my practise is about observing, recording and remembering rhythms, perceptions and the vitality of rural landscapes, their flora and agricultural patterns; trying to suspend a moment in time that refuses to stand still. 

We see repeating rows of uniform crops enclosed by neatly trimmed hedgerows. Nature has become a landscape of human activity, and is in fact now unnaturally itself. Hedgerows are managed and controlled by humans, as rivers have been straightened, but provide a haven for plants and animals that have been pushed out from the fields through farming. They are threshold spaces that highlight the tensions between the human and natural, and the relentless human desire to control nature.

Following roads, tracks, footpaths and tracing animal routes across fields and through hedgerows has become an obsessive routine. Dog walking is now a ritual and with my companion we trespass as though we were badgers. In turn becoming liminal space or edge land flaneurs. Finding those moments that are only available off the path and echoing their presence in the world. Searching for the weighted feeling of belonging in my homeland and the mislaid inheritance of the old ways of the land.  

My work is an examination into the nature of our engagement with the unnoticed. It is a reflection and transposition of intricate observations from growth patterns, natural cycles, seasonal variations and the mapping of self in this constantly shifting landscape. Following these natural cycles the ebb and flow of time and transience of existence become apparent and the need to value our surroundings is projected. I am striving to acknowledge nature’s truth through distorting conventional hierarchies between nature, man and agriculture.

Through installation of work I seek to mould a space for gratitude and understanding. A space where we can rebuild our relationship with ephemeral nature, allowing a ritualistic dialogue to form. A chance to find the forgotten ways of the land and its offerings that have faded overtime. A space where I create suggestions for something that once was and reflect my own attempts to read the world so that the viewer might just too.

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Sophie Pinney | Fine Art 5
Seed Spreading (2022), [Digital drawing] A4.
Sophie Pinney | Fine Art 4
Sowing Season (2022), [Digital drawing print, pen on tracing paper, dog fur, sheep wool, fence panel wood, thread].
Sophie Pinney | Fine Art 3
Detail: The Gathering of Whisps (2022), [Pen on chiffon, naturally dyed muslin, thread].
Sophie Pinney | Fine Art 2
Detail: Foraged Imprints (2022), [Naturally dyed plaster] 8x8x8cm.
Sophie Pinney | Fine Art 1
The Gathering of Whisps & Diurnal Rhythm Mirage (2022), [Pen on chiffon, naturally dyed muslin, thread, found wooden fence panels, pen/ink on tracing paper, old tape, gathered natural clay].
Sophie Pinney | Fine Art
Detail: The Gathering of Whisps (2022), [Pen on chiffon, naturally dyed muslin, thread].