Spencer Daniels

BA (Hons) Fine Art - Farnham


I am an artist interested in exploring the breaking down of boundaries which occurs to our personal space when intimate relationships are formed. Recently I have experienced and documented this happening through video works while also exploring the frame space and our invasion of it; using rope as an extension of the body. This has carried across to the human frame then back again to the ‘object’ frame for my current works. All 880 meters of Jute rope used in the work is hand dyed by me then laboriously wound around the frames, the process leaves the frames bowing inwards due to the pressure they’re put under while the rope appears to be hanging from it, slack. These processes are the focus of my artistic practice.

website: https://artistdaniels.wixsite.com/artistwebsite

instagram: spanner_art

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Spencer Daniels | Fine Art 3
Spencer Daniels | Fine Art 2
Still from video piece.
Spencer Daniels | Fine Art 1
Still from video piece.
Spencer Daniels | Fine Art
Still from video piece.