Stefani Dimitrievich

BA (Hons) Fashion Management & Marketing / BA/BSc Fashion Business & Management


Growing up in southeast Europe, where people cannot resist big events, and investing in glamorous dresses, I developed a strong interested towards the wedding sector. Having the opportunity to live in five different countries, I was able to closely analyse and experience diverse cultures, which gave me a glimpse of people’s priorities, when it comes to bridal events. Although wedding customs and tastes tend to vary socially, the lack of accessibility and sustainability in the industry remain strongly present globally.

Pérola (:pearl) – a whole new business proposal that will disrupt the wedding industry. 

Born out of the need to challenge the constrictive wedding traditions of the past, Pérola combines high-innovative technologies and modern practices to provide each client with their bespoke dress, through unique personal experiences.  

Blending the digital and physical together, our customisation tool allows brides to design their dream wedding dress without compromising on any detail. Powered by TG3D Studio, the 3D-Body Scanner captures every dimension of the bridal body through generative reports, which will allow the creation of an accessible and inclusive dress.

Made for the bride that knows what they want – Pérola does not simply  champion body inclusivity, it aspires to re-shape the wedding landscape for a more sustainable and innovative future. By holding no garment inventories – but fabrics, we acknowledge that zero waste production is nearly impossible. However, by sourcing locally and eco-friendly, Pérola destinies any generated waste for the creation of beautiful complimentary bridal accessories.

“We are committed to finding better accessible solutions, while opting for sustainable and ethical work practices.” (Stefani Dimitrievich, Founder of Pérola)

You can find me on:

LinkedIn: Stefani Dimitrievich

Instagram: @dimitrievich_

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Stefani Dimitrievich | Business & Management 4
Pérola - Accessible bridal-wear solution.
Stefani Dimitrievich | Business & Management 3View pdf
Pérola - Made for the bride that knows what they want.
Stefani Dimitrievich | Business & Management 2
Empowering bridal bodies through innovative technologies.
Stefani Dimitrievich | Business & Management 1
Inspiring brands to re-shape their business models for a more accessible and sustainable wedding industry.
Stefani Dimitrievich | Business & Management
Tackling the lack of accessibility.